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The MedSouth PAMA AUC Solution.


PAMA and AUC training opportunities to our MedSouth Partners.


We utilize a Community Provider Approach.

  • We provide a comprehensive approach to ensuring imaging claim reimbursement payments after the Protecting Access to Medicare Act (PAMA) Appropriate Use Criteria (AUC) rule enforcement begins.​

Value Proposition

  • Ensure early adoption for Community Physicians/Providers.
  • Increase Community Physician/Provider Engagement and Preparedness.
  • Improve Medicare claim payment reimbursement post appropriate use criteria (AUC) enforcement.

Community Physician/Provider Education

  • Educate Community Physicians/Providers about PAMA, AUC and Clinical Decision support via a personalized virtual web biased training.
  • Train Community Physicians/Providers on steps required to adhere with the PAMA mandate.
  • Assist Community Physicians/Providers in best practice for imaging order validation workflow to insure appropriate HCPCS modifiers and G-Codes are added prior to transmission of the order to the imaging department.
  • Provide a Zero Foot Print Secure Web Portal to a Qualified Clinical Decision Support Mechanism (qCDSM) for Community Physicians/Providers.
  • Implement a Secure AUC Portal for Community Physicians/Providers to quickly access AUC with automated G-Code and HCPCS output.
  • Enable Community Physicians/Providers on different office EHRs to quickly access AUC content from 5 content partners.
  • Fully train, assist and validate registration of Community Physicians/Providers into the secure AUC web portal for access to clinical decision support and AUC.
  • Provide unlimited storage and retrieval of AUC consultation data via an easy to navigate dashboard.
  • Maintain storage, data retrieval and auditable proof of AUC consultation for up to and beyond six years as required by the CMS, PAMA mandate.

Follow up

  • Receive e-mail updates about changes and new portal functionality for up to a one year engagement.

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